Spruce Hill Manor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, United States

Check-in & Check-out

Spruce Hill Manor Bed and Breakfast welcomes guests to feel at home at our inn. The manor is also the residence of the Reitano's.  Therefore, Spruce Hill Manor is not open to the public because it is a private home. At check-in, guests are requested to ring the bell beside the front door which remains locked at all times and to which all guests have access to, once they recieve their set of rooms keys.


Default check-in time is at 4:30PM but check-in is customizable. Most of our guests use this luxury to make their stay one-of-a-kind. This means guests can request a check-in online at whatever time they deem neccessary. In order for us to be fully prepared for your arrival, we ask our guests to call ahead of time the day you are checking in to verify the time or to let us know of any changes. Staff at Spruce Hill Manor is not always on site because it is a private residence and by letting us know of your check-in time we can assure you that we will be awaiting your arrival to make your stay at our manor as comfortable and inviting as possible!


Although check-out time is 11AM, we like to get up with our guests and see them off for their departure no matter how early they must leave. We like to help with luggage, call and wait for a taxi, fix a cup a coffee, etc. Guests are also welcome to leave their luggage after check-out if need be as a complimentary service. However, cars parked in the driveway must be moved after check-out in consideration for incoming guests. Please leave your set of keys in the room when preparing for your check-out.


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